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How can Fermat help me?

Sweater design, showing a plain line drawing on the left and a real sweater with a colorful, abstract portrait pattern on the right. Above, the text 'Visualize your sketches' with the Fermat logo below highlights the transformation from simple sketches to vibrant, finished garments.

📐 Visualize your sketches

Turn your hand-drawing or digital sketch into a high-fidelity garment
A collage of fashion items in a matching soft blue color. Top left: a chunky platform lace-up boot. Top right: a tailored blazer with notched lapels and flap pockets. Bottom: a sleek handbag with a gold chain strap and closure. The ensemble suggests a coordinated, stylish outfit with a monochromatic theme.

🦄 Apply your own style

Use visual references to redesign your best-seller
A side-by-side comparison of a male model wearing a beige bomber jacket and t-shirts in two poses; on the left with a blue cap and grey tee, and on the right with a black cap and white tee, all against a neutral backdrop.

🪄 Edit designs precisely

Modify specific parts of your design without changing anything else

🖼️ Prompt without words

Use visual references to design coherent collections.
Promotional graphic featuring two luxury handbags with a text overlay saying 'Change colors'. The smaller bag is navy blue with a front clasp, and the larger bag is tangerine orange with a gold chain strap. The brand Fermat is denoted with a stylized lowercase 'f' in purple.

🎨 Change colors

Change the color of your garment as many times as you want
Promotional image showcasing a side-by-side comparison of denim and leather pants. The left side features a pair of classic blue jeans, while the right side shows the same pants reimagined in dark blue leather, accompanied by the text 'Change materials' and the Fermat logo, highlighting the concept of material transformation in fashion design.

🧶 Change materials

Change the material of your garments as many times as you want
Fashion portrait of a young Asian woman in a trendy lilac crop top and matching sweatpants, standing confidently in a futuristic-looking space with vertical neon lights. The lighting accentuates her stylish outfit and gives the scene a vibrant, urban edge.

💅 Create photo shoots

Try your clothing on different models & settings
Promotional image featuring a black leather jacket next to its line drawing counterpart with the text 'Turn images into vectors' above. Below, a stylized 'Fermat' logo is present, indicating a focus on transforming fashion items into vector illustrations for design or manufacturing purposes.

✏️ Turn images into Vectors

Turn your design into an editable vector format
A woman with a cheerful smile stands in front of a colorful, geometric-patterned background. She wears a vibrant, multi-patterned top with a high neck and long sleeves, paired with a leopard print trouser, complemented by layered necklaces and large hoop earrings.

⚡High-Resolution look & feel

Visualise & download your designs in high-resolution
Side-by-side images of a gold metallic jacket with vibrant hot pink faux fur trim. The left image shows the front view with a plush collar and fur-trimmed cuffs, while the right image displays the back view with a pink vertical panel and fur along the bottom hem.

🔄 Front & Back view

Visualise the back view of your design

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