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Make your ideas
stand out at work

Accelerate your ideation process and present innovative solutions 100x faster.

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Tooling that fits your work.

Repetitive parts of your process become tools to be reused a thousand times.

Embed your processes in tools that can be reused.

Branch out your thinking.

Free your ideas from the chatbot. Try all the alternate paths during your creative process.

Canvases are a great medium when starting something new.

Keep your team on the same page.

From Ideation to marketing, accelerate your collaborative work in a single tool.

No more jumping around different tools - Multimodal AI in a collaborative canvas.

The all-in-one AI tool for teams & individuals.

Explore ideas & designs 100x faster than before, share processes across teams and reach the market faster.

Fermat Starter

For individuals trying out Fermat at no cost.


This includes:

Unlimited Canvases.

15 image generations x day.

15 text generations x day.

Fermat Pro

For teams and professionals who wants to accelerate their processes.


This includes:

Unlimited generations.

Unlimited custom models.

Large organizations

Tell us what you need. We'd love to help.
This includes:

Custom AI tools & Integrations.

Workshops & Trainings.

Customer Support.

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