Make your dream designs come true

Accelerate your creative process and present stunning designs 100x faster.

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Craft your dream collection

Create eye-catching designs and edit them to stand out at work.

Create through sketches

Turn your hand-made sketch into a render or transform a design into a technical drawing.

Turn a sketch into a sneaker, then transform a jacket into a technical drawing

Prompt without words

Just use visual references to design coherent collections.

A pink gold style to design a new collection

Re-imagine your designs

Change the vibes, materials & colors of pieces in your collection in seconds.

Change the material & color of this bomber jacket

Edit your garments precisely

Describe what you want and where.

Add a golden chain to a purse

Ready to present? We'll help.

Play with different landscapes and export the final result in high-resolution.

High-resolution designs

Upscale & enhance your crafted designs.

Control your photo shoot

Visualise your fashion in every setting.

The all-in-one AI tool for teams & individuals.

Explore ideas & designs 100x faster than before, share processes across teams and reach the market faster.

Fermat Starter

For individuals trying out Fermat at no cost.


This includes:

Unlimited Canvases.

15 image generations x day.

15 text generations x day.

Fermat Pro

For teams and professionals who wants to accelerate their processes.


This includes:

Unlimited generations.

Unlimited custom models.

Large organizations

Tell us what you need. We'd love to help.
This includes:

Custom AI tools & Integrations.

Workshops & Trainings.

Customer Support.

How can Fermat help me?

Re-Imagine your Dream Collections with Moodboards.

Reading time: 3 min

From idea to design.

Reading time: 2 min

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