From idea to design

Pol Baladas
12 Jan 2024
2 min read

You will learn: How to go from an idea to a high fidelity design

I wanted to do something different for this winter’s pants collection, and thought “Why not go for fluffy pants? " That sounds fun.

Let’s sketch this concept with Fermat! The first thing I did was write the concept in the canvas and use the “🤓Fashion Guru” to come up with a few ideas:

That’s interesting, but I don’t quite like the material & color there. Let’s try some changes with the "🎨 Restyle Image" and "🪄 Creative Upscale" Gen:

That’s much better! I’m really convinced about this, so I will put together a presentation for my team. This is how it looked like:

How can Fermat help me?

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