Same Design, New Vibes

Re-image existing designs using Moodboards.

Pol Baladas
10 Dec 2023
3 min read

You will learn: How to re-style furniture & products from moodboards.

Designers often start their creative process with a collection of references inspiration from movies, Pinterest boards, or other existing designs and create a coherent concept for something new.

This process usually culminates in a Moodboard:

I called this one "Morrocan Decor".

Taking an existing design & adapting it to a new style is a painful and time consuming process. AI Image generators like Midjourney can help, but communicating your visual intentions with text is… not ideal.

Instead, you can tell Fermat's AI to “watch & learn!”. Give Fermat a set of visual references and it will learn the style & vibes in them. You can use it to generate brand new garments or restyle an existing collection.

This time, we will take a few beautiful pieces from the Spanish brand Kave Home and re-imagine them using “Morrocan decor”. I also included a piece from Dieter Rams’ Vitsœ :

How can Fermat help me?

Re-Imagine your Dream Collections with Moodboards.

Reading time: 3 min

From idea to design.

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