Build AI tools, fast ✨

Glue AI models together into powerful apps for your business, no code required.

Complete, yet flexible

If standard AI tools & models don’t work for your business, you can always build your own.
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" Fermat enables us to design our own AI-driven tools, methodologies, and workspaces, each tailored to meet our specific needs and context."

Nerea MartΓ­n
Senior AI, Strategy & Innovation Consultant at Roca Salvatella

Built for businesses,
Loved by IT, Procurement & Legal alike

Start small & Grow

Adopt tools into your current workflow and grow as you need more

Private AI Models

Develop custom models based on your business data. Opt-out to those models that you cannot make use of

White Label

Make your teams feel at home with a personalised Β experience & branding

Secured Environment

Your data always remains private to you. We don’t use your data to train any AI model that will be accessible by others


Security Perimeter? Don’t fret. Securely allow access to AI tools from your organisation

Cloud & On-Premise

Use Fermat as a SaaS for an immediate adoption or deploy on-premise for total control

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